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The B2B GHG-quota trade is fully digitalized via our marketplace.

We efficiently connect buyer and seller on an equal footing.

where our main focus is price transparency and reliability.

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Why q-bility?

Our aim is not to waste any CO2 emissions. We therefore created a marketplace that benefits both the buyer and the seller. No more time consuming price negotiations and phone calls . Let’s talk about the best ways to improve your businesses as buyer or seller.


In prices and processes


Close deals with just a tap


Contract conclusion and processing quick and easy


Contemporary up-to-date marketplace


Verified trading partners for safe deals

Trade your GHG quotas now

I want to sell GHG quota

You put renewable tradeable fuels in circulation? Sell your quota via our fully digitalized marketplace with best service.

I want to buy GHG quota

Your direct way to save emissions. No more trouble and stress with buying GHG quota – always at the best possible rates

I want to trade GHG quota

Buy and sell GHG quotas via the entirely digitalized q-bility marketplace. Become part of the market.

Who we are

Jan Röstel

Jan Röstel

Head of Sales & Co-Founder

Dennis Horn

Dennis Horn

Head of Product & Co-Founder

Dominik Trisl

Dominik Trisl

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Dennis Geilus

Dennis Geilus

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

Elise Winterer

Elise Winterer

Sales & Customer Success Managerin

Marius Wolter

Marius Wolter

Business Development

Quirin Oettl

Quirin Oettl




Team Austria

Mountains are our passion and we give everything along the way to the peak.

The q-bility team: dynamic and young start-up with several years of experience in the energy and fuel sectors and a high level of expertise in the field of marketing quotas.

Our goal is to revolutionize quota trading, by creating an efficient, digital and transparent marketplace.



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