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CO2 certificate trading is fully digitalized via our marketplace.

We efficiently connect buyer and seller on an equal footing.

Where our main focus is the analysis of market prices and market events.

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Why q-bility?

To achieve CO2 targets, legislators at European and national level are tightening their laws. This also affects greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quota) and national emission allowances (nEZ according to nETS). To deal successfully with this future, companies need tools for trading that work efficiently and information to counter uncertainties and make better decisions. q-bility provides both.


In prices and information


Close deals with just a tap


Contract conclusion and processing quick and easy


Contemporary up-to-date marketplace


Verified trading partners for safe deals

Trade your CO2 certificates now

All at a glance

Whether GHG quota and nETS, whether UER and KVO, all together or separately? Thanks to customizable trading screens, you can always keep an eye on what is important to you - and simply hide the rest.

At full transparency

Do you need information to counter uncertainties and make better decisions? We support you with our price indices for all tradable products and analyses of market developments.

No hidden costs

Use our entire range of services flexibly tailored to your needs: From fixed trading fees to a view-only model with an annual basic fee.

Who we are

Jan Röstel

Jan Röstel

Head of Sales & Co-Founder

Dennis Horn

Dennis Horn

Head of Product & Co-Founder

Dominik Trisl

Dominik Trisl

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Dennis Geilus

Dennis Geilus

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

Elise Winterer

Elise Winterer

Sales & Customer Success Managerin

Marius Wolter

Marius Wolter

Business Development

Quirin Oettl

Quirin Oettl




Team Austria

Mountains are our passion and we give everything along the way to the peak.

The q-bility team: dynamic and young start-up with several years of experience in the energy and fuel sectors and a high level of expertise in the field of marketing CO2.

Our goal is to revolutionize CO2 trading, by creating an efficient, digital and transparent marketplace.



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